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ibanez rg560
ibanez rg560

The Ibanez RG560 was the guitar that convinced Reb to sign up to Ibanez for an endorsement deal in the early 90's.

Following the success of the first Winger album, several companies approached Reb with endorsement offers, but it was the RG560 that swung it for Reb.

The following quotes are taken from the October 1990 edition of Guitar World magazine. Reb's guitar tech, Dave Lewis, talks about the RG560 - "Reb has 2 versions of the 560. The Black one is the guitar that made him decide to go with Ibanez. It's fairly Strat-shaped, with a mahogany body." The pickup configuration, consisting of 2 EMG SA single coils and 1 EMG 85 humbucker in the bridge position, offers a smooth, fluid, flat frequency response. "Reb likes to get a lot of crunch, but he doesn't like too much bass or treble. This combination is almost like a Les Paul in the rhythm mode".

ibanez rg560 ibanez rg560

Reb's backup 560 is painted custom purple. "It's basically the same guitar, only the edges are rounded off more, so it looks more like a Strat body."

The maple necks are sanded "to make them feel more round in back" and have no lacquer "because Reb likes the feel of bare wood." Both guitars feature ebony fingerboards and 22 frets.

Below is an Ibanez advert for Reb's RG endorsement, published in 1990. A larger version of this advert can be seen here.

ibanez rg advert

ibanez rg560 ibanez rg560

reb with ibanez rg

reb live with rg