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ibanez wrb-3

The Ibanez WRB-3 has taken on almost mythical status amongst collectors of Ibanez guitars and fans of Reb.

Once again, the guitar was designed by Reb himself in 1990. Always a fan of models such as Gibson's Explorer, Reb used that model as inspiration, adding his own twist with the extended lower horn and sleek curves, rather than the Explorer's hard, angular lines.

Only 100 of the guitars, decorated with the Winger graphic, were produced for sale in Japan only, each one personally signed and numbered by Reb. 3 guitars were also built for Reb himself. Unfortunately Reb was forced to sell all 3 of his WRB-3's "for rent in the 'dark time' we try not to remember".

The guitar came supplied with a form fit gig bag and an accessory set including strap, tremelo bar and grip pad.

Finding a genuine WRB-3 today is an almost impossible exercise as there were only 100 made. The last example in mint condition with all original accessories and gig bag was sold by Rich Harris on his Ibanez Rules website at If you know of one for sale, let us know!

ibanez japanese wrb advert

The WRB-3 shots on this page are courtesy of Rich Harris of The guitar is currently owned by Drew Christoffel (pictured opposite). Thanks to both for permission to use the shots.

reb pictured with his wrb-3

Reb can be seen playing his red WRB-3 throughout the "Cutting Loose" instructional video and also in the promotional video for Winger's "Hungry", where he uses the model with the Winger graphic as shown above.

wrb back cutaway

Drew and Reb

wrb back view

wrb backplate signature

Each of the 100 production WRB-3 guitars were signed on the backplate by Reb, as shown above.

wrb headstock front

wrb headstock back

wrb accessory pack

wrb gigbag