reb's history and frequently asked questions reb's history and frequently asked questions

Roger Daltrey?

I did one song with him for "The Lost Boys" soundtrack. We covered "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" and it came out great. I never got to meet him, but I did get my first gold record from it.


The only Fiona record I played on was "Beyond the Pale", which is when I met Kip and we hated each other the first time we met. Then we moved in together.

Joe Satriani?

Well, Joe is a guru. I have played with him and I even have a jam we did on tape. He does it all with precision, boy.

Zakk Wylde?

Zakk is an extremely powerful player. I know Zakk and jammed with him a few times, but that was years ago. I dig Black Label Society because it is so fargin heavy! The guy definitely climbs trees.

Kip Winger?

Working with Kip is always amazing. He really pushes to get every note exactly perfect. He should have a tape recording to play to me after every take - "You're rushing... you're rushing... you're rushing". I tend to play a little ahead of the beat, which is bad. No one usually notices. Kip has ears of doom. I played live with Kip when he came into town a few years ago. Now that was AWESOME. I had the biggest smile on my face for the whole show that I couldn't stop making if I tried. It was really like your favorite old Levi's, or my beat up guitar that fits me like a glove - being Robin to his Batman again. That guy can sing, man.

Jamie Walters?

Jamie Walters was THE funnest tour I ever did. It was just Jamie and I, first class all the way through Europe. Jamie and I became great friends and we wrote the song "You" together. With the exception of Kip Winger, he is probably my favorite person in the world (meaning "male person").

Richie Sambora?

I haven't seen Richie in a long time. Yeah, he is totally awesome. I loved what he did on the 'Guitars That Rule The World' album. Great Voice. Once, he told me I was the luckiest guitarist in the world to have long solos on the radio. He used to bum out that all his solos were two seconds long. Then he heard 'Headed for a Heartbreak' on the radio! It was funny to hear him tell the story. I was VERY lucky to have a solo that long on the radio.

Andy Timmons?

I talk to Andy about twice a year and he and I have so much in common. It's hard not to be friends with Andy, who is humble, intelligent, and funny. He is making good dough with Olivia Newton-John and says working with her is a joy. He drinks Diet Pepsi first thing in the morning (10:00 am) and drinks iced tea all day - just like me. Yeah, he is a great friend and hell of a player too. He will take your face off and then hang out with you!

Dann Huff?

I know Dan from the old days and he paid me the best compliment when he told me he stole my tapping licks on his record. He sent me their second record and he played the Madalaine tapping lick to a 'T' on one song. I was so honored. He is a monster! He produces in Nashville, but I haven't talked to him in years.

CC DeVille?

I Love C.C.! Maybe for guitar players, which make up a tiny percentage of the audience, he is messy and sloppy. But, to everyone else, his combination of a drunken Angus and Jerry Lewis works perfectly for the show and people love to watch him. Did you know that guy jogs five miles right before he goes onstage every night! I'm lying in bed right now and would have someone take the bed to the show and drag me out of it at 6:45pm (Dokken goes on at 6:50pm) if I had the money. When I first joined Dokken, I wasn't budging from in front of my mike because I was still learning the songs. The band said to me, "Reb, it doesn't matter if you make mistakes cause NO ONE WILL KNOW! Run around, swing your hair and punch Don in the head! Then you will make an impression and it's all about making an exiting show". They were right. The general public probably thinks C.C. is a great guitarist because he is a WILDMAN. "YAAAAAA!" - scream the beer guzzling jocks who want 'Nothin' But A Good Time'. C.C. is wonderful and deserves a lot of credit for really being a GREAT showman.

Acoustic guitars?

I learned on an acoustic. I like big jumbo guitars and if I could afford one I would have a Taylor. I fell in love with a $3000 one at Piano's and Stuff. It actually has this natural feedback. I was holding notes for hours... just looking at my watch talking to people. I want that thing. I play an Alvarez and it's very good.


I don't have an opinion about much of anything. I never got involved in the business side of things. I just jam and drink beer and hope I can make enough dough from that to pay the bills. I don't care about bootlegging, Napster, or any of that stuff. Someone said on the forum earlier that they bet Reb would have something to say about that, referring to the Napster issue - and I didn't respond. I hate issues and confrontation. That's why I have a manager. I'm usually not informed enough either way to have an opinion, unless the subject is guitar, beer, sex or maybe food. I'm sure someone will think I'm a dumb-ass, but I don't know... I've bought bootlegs, but I've always bought that particular band's releases as well. I don't think anyone ONLY buys bootlegs. You buy bootlegs to hear different versions of your favorite songs and you know which ones are your favorites from buying the band's CD! As a consumer, bootlegs don't affect what CDs I purchase in any way. Oh look, I sound like a guy with an opinion now!

Being a road tech?

You don't want to be a roadie (or tech as they prefer to be called). When the tour has no money (which is always the case with the bands I'm associated with), the techs take a beating. No hotels, no sleep, no showers, and, if you are just starting out and don't look like a scary enough cat, the other techs will eat you for lunch with comments about how green you are and how you suck. Sometimes you get lucky with a good crew, but other crews can make your life miserable - guaranteed. Do you know a lot about guitars? With Floyds? Can you take an amp apart and put it back together? Can you solder stuff? That will help if you are really well qualified. But I wouldn't wish that job on anybody, unless the tour had a big budget.

Using Pro-Tools as opposed to real-time recording?

Who says you can't do "real time" studio recording on Pro-Tools? Almost every album you have ever heard has guitar that was added later, including the live ones. Yes, even that whole Peter Frampton record was done in the studio. Pro-Tools is AWESOME!


I have always wanted a George Benson model. I must say - the guitar I designed for Ibanez (Hawaiian Koa, Pau Ferro model) is one of the best sounding guitars Ibanez ever made. If you think taking wood off the back and adding it to the horns would make for a thinner sounding guitar, you should hear mine. The original Mace Bailey prototype Voyager I have is the fattest sounding guitar I own. They made changes to the design to lower the price and to make up for my chunk of the take. Still, in my opinion, the Koa models sounded way better than any Ibanez I have played since.